Americana Inspired Big Sur Elopement

ST4TJ_0002_IMG_6354_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0024_IMG_3702_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0025_IMG_3714_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0031_IMG_3755_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0037_IMG_3790_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0041_IMG_3817_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0060_IMG_3920_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0070_IMG_3968_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0071_IMG_3972_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0073_IMG_3998_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0083_IMG_4081_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0084_IMG_4088_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0085_IMG_4117_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0086_IMG_4141_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0089_IMG_4168_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0098_IMG_4235_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0100_IMG_3515_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0101_IMG_3522_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0106_IMG_4281_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0114_IMG_4344_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0117_IMG_4354_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0133_IMG_4444_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0135_IMG_4454_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0139_IMG_4478_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0141_IMG_4506_byCarolOliva_1ST4TJ_0150_IMG_4574_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0151_IMG_4587_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0154_IMG_4602_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0158_IMG_4626_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0171_IMG_4738_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0175_IMG_4759_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0183_IMG_4795_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0188_IMG_4860_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0192_IMG_4876_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0200_IMG_4946_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0211_IMG_5011_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0215_IMG_5036_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0220_IMG_5066_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0221_IMG_5073_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0223_IMG_5087_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0226_IMG_5136_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0228_IMG_5153_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0231_IMG_5197_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0243_IMG_5330_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0251_IMG_5373_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0255_IMG_5420_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0258_IMG_5438_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0260_IMG_5448_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0269_IMG_5541_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0278_IMG_5644_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0285_IMG_5817_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0288_IMG_5842_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0291_IMG_5878_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0301_IMG_5684_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0303_IMG_5695_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0305_IMG_5709_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0308_IMG_5724_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0328_IMG_6234_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0331_IMG_6244_byCarolOlivaST4TJ_0340_IMG_6300_byCarolOlivaThe inspiration for this elopement shoot was to create an idea of a couple that knew they were getting married in big sur, but they didn’t know where. Like they were in a road trip, with most of the things they needed and they would stop when they found the perfect and unique spots. We imagine as a 4thJuly trip and use the blue, red and white as our color palette, with a little bit gold and sparklers. We started at this amazing redwood three that has a hole in the format of a tipi, and that was a perfect spot for our ceremony, in the heart of a redwood three in bigsur. The mandala and the bouquet had the same idea of gathering flowers that we could found along the way, like ferns , the bougainvillea and garden roses and little be of pampa grass.  So to continue the trip we imagine a celebration by the sea and we went down to this amazing big sur beach to set up a barn wood low table with some bohemian tapestry , pillows with some amazing anthropologie dinnerware  as well the  glassware with the gold trim., red berries and wine.  The beach we choose had a little river covered with rocks and driftwood and the beautiful big sur mountains in the back and a Valley of Lillys. Our vision was to have this happen on 4th July holiday we had vintage flag , sparkles and a denin custom jaquet for the bride.  We finished our journey of this beautiful day in their van decorated with bohemian tapestry, pillows , lanterns, coper light strings and sparklers. 

                                                 Featured at Green wedding shoes 


Photography :Carol Oliva Photography



Event Design 

Mountains to the Sea Co



Florals and event  

Willow and Plum


Wedding Dress


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Wedding Dress Boutique 

Epiphany Bputique




Erica freestone




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Stationary – Calligraphy

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