Black + Moody Elopement Hallowen Inspiration

With this hand I will lift your sorrows. Your cup will never empty, for I will be your wine. With this candle, I will light your way in darkness. With this ring, I ask you to be mine”. ~Victor Van Dort

This elopement inspiration was created for a couple who loves the more dark and moody elements. The elopement would happen the night of Halloween to create the mood and darkness of the shoot.

H_COR_0137_5Z5A0715 (1)_byCarolOliva.jpg

It takes place in the woods at sunset. We created the pampas grass crescent moon to be the backdrop for the ceremony. The table setting was rustic, with dried foliages , antlers and black candles. The stunning black cake with the circle to represent the moon was set on fallen logs. The black and plum invitations were accented with gold lettering and included a keepsake copy of the wedding vows.

The bride wore a black gown and veil and carried a dark bouquet of black magic roses and cotton. To create a dark but beautiful inspiration we also made wings for her of pampas grass which in the sunset were magical.
We had the most amazing team of creatives that were so excited to create something different from what we normally do, darker and little more moody and edgy.

H_COR_0021_5Z5A0261_byCarolOliva.jpgH_COR_0008_5Z5A0132_byCarolOlivaH_COR_0010_5Z5A0158_byCarolOlivaH_COR_0012_5Z5A0170_byCarolOlivaH_COR_0017_5Z5A0225_byCarolOlivaH_COR_0024_5Z5A0276_byCarolOlivaH_COR_0037_5Z5A0440_byCarolOlivaH_COR_0043_5Z5A0482_byCarolOlivaH_COR_0051_5Z5A0577_byCarolOlivaH_COR_0053_5Z5A0598_byCarolOlivaH_COR_0055_5Z5A0606_byCarolOlivaH_COR_0058_5Z5A0647_byCarolOlivaH_COR_0061_5Z5A0662_byCarolOlivaH_COR_0064_5Z5A0693_byCarolOlivaH_COR_0069_5Z5A0717_byCarolOlivaH_COR_0080_5Z5A0815_byCarolOlivaH_COR_0086_5Z5A0037_byCarolOlivaH_COR_0089_5Z5A0070_byCarolOlivaH_COR_0090_5Z5A0089 (1)_byCarolOlivaH_COR_0099_5Z5A0259_byCarolOlivaH_COR_0102_5Z5A0298 (1)_byCarolOlivaH_COR_0112_5Z5A0406_byCarolOlivaH_COR_0106_5Z5A0356_byCarolOliva.jpgH_COR_0113_5Z5A0433_byCarolOlivaH_COR_0127_5Z5A0563_byCarolOliva_1.jpgH_COR_0130_5Z5A0575 (1)_byCarolOliva_1H_COR_0136_5Z5A0699_byCarolOliva_1.jpgH_COR_0146_5Z5A0769 (1)_byCarolOliva_1.jpgH_COR_0145_5Z5A0766_byCarolOlivaH_COR_0153_5Z5A0043 (2)_byCarolOlivaH_COR_0156_5Z5A0101 (1)_byCarolOlivaH_COR_0165_5Z5A0241_byCarolOlivaH_COR_0173_5Z5A0328_byCarolOliva_1H_COR_0179_5Z5A0389_byCarolOlivaH_COR_0187_5Z5A0467_byCarolOliva_1H_COR_0190_5Z5A0484_byCarolOlivaH_COR_0194_5Z5A0502_byCarolOliva

Photography : Carol Oliva Photography

Floral Design Willow and Plum

MUAH: Blush Monterey

 Dress : Epiphany Bridal Boutique 

from Watters

 Custom Jewelry : Erica Freestone

Calligraphy : Together Lovely Shop

Cake : Bay Design Cake

 Dinnerware : World Market

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